Healing Touch Bodywork
What is Kahunah Massage
Ike - the world is as you think it is
We are capable of manifesting anything, especially the things that we really desire, into our lives. The KaHuna massage, because it connects us with inner wisdom and truth, enables us to find out what we truly desire.

Kala - there are no limits
The sky is the limit and that we can achieve anything that we desire. We forget that we can achieve anything we desire if we act with purpose and good intention!

Makia - energy flows where attention goes

We create what we focus our thoughts on.

Mana - all power comes from within
We are masters of our own destiny.
Manawa - now is the moment of power
We create our future in the present.

Aloha - to love is to be happy with
Love is the true path. KaHuna connects the client and the therapist with love.

Pono - effectiveness is the measure of truth
When we do the things we love and desire in life they are performed effortlessly.
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