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Kahuna Massage Therapist, Abe Strauss > Cape Town
See my profile and more comments from clients on Massage.co.za. For a real kahuna massage experience in Cape Town

About Kahuna Massage
Contact Haroun Kola (084 511 7613 or haroun@kahunamassage.co.za) for a kahuna massage in Johannesburg.
He is within driving distance from Sandton. Go to his site to see if he does not have any current specials.
If you do a bit of searching you may find the download for some awesome massage music.

Massage School
For kahuna massage training contact Anthea Hardwick (073 617 5224 or morehunamagic@gmail.com). Not only
is Kahuna a beautiful gift to give but being trained in kahuna helps you to heal and let go of the past. Feel light,
vibrant and free again. This bodywork addresses physical and emotional pain at a causal level and leaves you
released and fully present in the moment.

Kahuna Massage Therapist, Bernadette Jackson > England
Bernadette Jackson is a teacher of Kahuna massage that used to practice in the Durban area. She has since moved
to Amersham, Buckinghamshire County, England, but has quite an interesting site with a lot of information about kahuna massage.

Kahuna Massage Therapist, Louise Kleu > Ireland
Another South African Kahuna teacher living abroad is Louise Kleu who has enjoyed a decade of learning and teaching
Lomi Lomi around the world. She is now settled in Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. Louise has taught in South Africa,
Germany, Brazil & Ireland.

Kahuna Massage Therapist, Cindy Stevenson > Durban
Cindy Stevenson (082 954 6726 or email ) if you are looking for a kahuna massage in Durban. She is based in Hillcrest, Durban.
Cindy believes in the concept of the breath of life and the love the Hawaiin healing massage gives to people. It is the
foundation upon which all her treatments are designed

Kahuna Massage Therapist, Cheryl Schneider > Durban – Cheryl Schneider (082 576 2855) is also an option for a Kahuna massage in Durban.

Kahuna Massage Therapist, Karin Albertyn > Cape Town
Karin Albertyn (0713728884 or karin@blissclinic.co.za) ) if you are looking for a kahuna massage in Cape Town, Karin
is based in Durbanville. Karin says kahuna massage connects mind, body and spirit. This massage from the Ancient
Polynesian Islands is sure to leave you peaceful, relaxed and spaced out.

Kahuna Massage Therapist, Marinus Muller > Cape Town
For a male option for a hahuna massage in Cape Town contact Marinus Muller (082 672 7223 or marinuslouis@gmail.com).
For a reate a relaxed, safe and caring environment in Kloof Nek Road, Cape Town.

Kahuna Massage Therapist, Warren > Cape Town
Another male option from Observatory, Cape Town is Warren. He has a tranquil studio which consists of a large, airy room
with Victorian pressed ceilings. He is referred through Louise Kleu.

Wanting a Kahuna Massage in Centurion. Why not try Julia Koutzayiotis (084 568 6088 or julia.k@webmail.co.za) in
Erasmia or Lieve Olearts (079 406 5621 or 082 558 5135 or lieve@glamourgran.co.za) in Saxby street.

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