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What is Kahunah Massage

Some massages are so civilized that they refrain from massaging areas in your body urgently in need of attention.  Kahuna by it’s nature is a very oily massage covering large areas of your body at the same time.  Kahuna is therefore done on a naked body.  A sarong is used as part of the massage.
The buttocks as the largest muscle within your body also carry a lot of tension.  Kahuna includes the buttocks and the breasts as part of the experience.

Is there a sexual connotation to your massage?
All massage at some stage has a sensual experience as result.  This sensual experience  soon  blends with other  sensations when the massage moves to another area of your body.

Any inhibitions that might intitially bother you disappears as you enjoy the affect of the long rhythmic strokes on your body.  The kahuna you will remember as a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

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